BMW C1 Bond Street Louis Vuitton

BMW and Louis Vuitton is a combination of art and performance, tradition and creativity, which is characterized by experience and their ability and is looking for the future.


BMW and Louis Vuitton combined their art of consonance of elegance and performance, tradition and creation, sharing their common expertise in the world of traveling in a futuristic project that had designed variations of the original appearance of three C1s based on the famous " Car body work Lecoq ". Each of them reflects a certain lifestyle: The "Nomad" is reminiscent of the "Croisière Jaune", the "Bagatelle" is like the most glamorous American cars of the fifties and the "Bond Street" shines like the Swinging Sixties. 

A special upholstery consists of a gorgeous rawhide for the seat and the handlebar and three stacked silver tubular bag with Louis Vuitton monogram, reminiscent of futuristic agent "007" gadgets. 

These three examples should not be sold. One is in the Louis Vuitton Museum in Asnieres sur Seine and the other in the BMW Museum in Munich. The Trunk Gallery offers C1 Bond Street exclusively for sale.

Price: 199.000 €