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The luggage of Louis Vuitton (1821-1892) inspired me for many years. The loving workmanship, the uniqueness, the associated story make for me from these antique suitcases and chests fascinating objects. 

Their related stories and backgrounds make themselves part of the adventure on which these bags were taken during the high phase of the colonial era. 

Finding such antiques is seldom easy. Discovering them on a worldwide market is a big challenge. This treasure hunt has become a great passion of mine for me to create 


has brought.

Foto: Michael Krampe



The pieces of luggage by Louis Vuitton (1821-1892) are enthusing me for many years now. The loving manufacture, the uniqueness, the corresponding story are making fascinating objects out of these antique suitcases and trunks to me.

The corresponding stories and the background let one be a part of the adventure when those pieces of luggage were carried around in the zenith of the colonial era.

Always it’s not very easy to find those antiques. It’s a huge challenge to find them on the worldwide market.

This treasure hunt became a massive passion of mine leading me to create